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Mosted Asked Questions about Zhujiajiao Water Town

Is the Zhujiajiao Water Town worth visiting?

It is one of the most popular and closest water towns near Shanghai. Zhujiajiao Water Town is about 50 km away from Shanghai downtown. If your time is limited, it would be the best option to get a feel of such ancient towns. Similar to Venice in Italy, there are many well preserved bridges and boat ride is available.

What to do in Zhujiajiao Water Town?

Zhujiajiao is one of six famous water towns nearest to Shanghai. If you plan to go to Zhujiajiao  on your own or book a Zhujiajiao Water Town Tour, you can walk along the North Street to visit the best preserved ancient street and some ancient building. Then, pay a visit to the Post Office which date back to Qing Dynasty and standing on the Fengsheng Bridge to take some good photos of Water Town. Have a small gondola crusie in the town, and are a nice way to get a view of the town from the water. 

How to get to Zhujiajiao Water Town from Shanghai

?Travelers can take Shanghai-Zhujiajiao Special Line Bus from Shanghai West Bus Station to get to Zhujiajiao Water Town.
?Take Shangzhu Line at Shanghai South Railway Station to Qingpu Bus Station first. Then there is a bus every 10 minutes to Zhujiajiao Ancient Town.
?If you want the most comfortable way, you can choose to let your hotel or travel agency rent a car for you.

What can I see in Zhujiajiao Water Town?

1). North Street: About a kilometer long, Bei Dajie (North Street) is the main thoroughfare in old Zhujiajiao. Along the street lines with many old buildings, many of which has a history of hundred years. It feels leisure for a nice stroll.
2). Shanghai Handicraft Exhibition Hall: Integrated with the classical masters of craftsmen from all districts of Shanghai, Zhujiajiao is also the flagshop of all artistic shops on the North Street.
3). Kezhi Gardens: Built in 1912, the owner (Ma Wenqing) spent 300,000 taels of silver (equivalent to 12000 kg of silver) and 15 years in building the garden. The architecture in the garden is a combination of the Chinese traditional and the Western styles, rarely found in the country. It consists of three parts - the main hall, the garden and an artificial hill area. The most iconic landmark of the garden is a five story building with a pavilion on its roof, which is the tallest building in old Zhujiajiao.
4).Yuan Jin Buddhist Temple: Originally built in 1341, it is a Buddhist monastery with three main buildings and separate living quarters.
5). Qing Dynasty Post Office: It said to be the best preserved Qing post office in China, and among its exhibits you'll find antique post cards of old Shanghai and letters written on bamboo.

Do you have any suggestion for a private guide for a day tour from Shanghai? Do you require a deposit? Do you take credit card?

If you want a private tour from Shanghai to Zhujiajiao, you can book the tour with us by email. For the confirmation of the tour, we require 20% of the total payment and the balance you can pay our guide in cash on the day.

How far is it from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (SHA) to Zhujiajiao?

The distance between Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (SHA) and Zhujiajiao is 29 km. The road distance is 36.6 km.

How to get to Zhujiajiao water town from People’s Park?

Zhujiajiao water town is 45km away from Shanghai People's Square. You can take Shanghai-Zhujiajiao Express Line Bus at the west of the Concert Hall in Pu'an Road and Yan'an East Road near People's Square. It takes about 1 hour to get to Zhujiajiao ancient town. After getting off the bus, it is Zhujiajiao Zhuxi Garden. 

Is it possible to do a half day tour from Shanghai to Zhujiajiao at 1pm or 2pm?

Zhujiajiao water town is open all day, but the scenic spots in the ancient town will be closed at 17:00pm. You will have limited time to visit those scenic spots, but you can enjoy the night view and have dinner there, which is also a great experience.

I have a 15hr stopover in Shanghai Pudong Airport in the early morning. Do you think it's possible to have a tour to Zhujiajiao water town and back without rushing?

You have plenty of time, because it normally takes around 4 hours to visit Zhujiajiao water town. If you need one day tour service, we can help you plan a private tour according to your needs, this tour will include private transfer, entrance fee, professional English guide and professional driver.

Can I enquire if you have a half day Zhujiajiao trip on 4th Apr. afternoon and send us to People's Square or somewhere central after the tour?

Yes, the Zhujiajiao half day tour with afternoon departure can be arranged. And the drop off location is based on Shanghai downtown area. Your guide can drop you off at People’s Square.

Can you include the private boat ride in the itinerary and how much is it?

Zhujiajiao ancient town’s cruise ship is a reference option, which is generally not included in our tour itinerary. If you are interested, the private boat ride can be included. It costs 160RMB per boat for 6 people.

Is it worth to stay in Zhujiajiao for one night?

There are a lot of comfortable homestays in Zhujiajiao, and the price is affordable. Zhujiajiao is busy and crowded during the day. But it will be a very good place to enjoy the stunning night view and waterways. If you are a photographer, don not miss it.

I want to hire a car to take me to the Zhujiajiao Water Town, do you do this? Can the driver speak English?

All our drivers can’t understand English, only Chinese. But they are experience with more than 15+ years driving experience. If you want to learn the local history, culture and custom, we highly recommend you book the English tour guide service. What’s more, for safety reasons, we do not recommend drivers explain or chat with our guests while driving. In recent years, there have been many traffic accidents, all caused by distraction.

Do you provide Zhujiajiao group day tour?

Yes, we provide Zhujiajiao gourp day tour, you will share the tour with other tourists to get a cheaper price. It’s a small group tour, you’ll explore the essence of Zhujiajiao as well and immerse yourself in the elegance of tranquility of Zhujiajiao with your experienced guide. You also have the option to experience the typical wooden boat ride in this ancient town. 

Would you recommend a visit to Jinze town during my stay in Shanghai?

Jinze Ancient Town is a nice and quiet water town with a few bridges of different styles and from different eras. If you want to stay away from the hustle & bustle Shanghai city, you should definitely come here for a while, you will enjoy a relaxing atmosphere and learn the history and local culture.

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