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Shanghai to Huangshan distance:
Distance from Huangshan to Shanghai is around 345 kilometers. This air travel distance is equal to 214 miles. The air travel (bird fly) shortest distance between Huangshan and Shanghai is 345 km= 214 miles. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Huangshan to Shanghai, It takes 0.38 hours to arrive.

How to travel from Shanghai to Huangshan by Train
The high speed train service between Shanghai Hongqiao and Huangshan North (also called Huangshan Bei) was introduced since the Huangshan Noth was opened in June, 2015, allowing travellers to reach Huangshan from Shanghai within 4 hours and 50 minutes, which gives travellers a more option to go. The G-category high speed train is clean and punctual, and allows you a good chance to enjoy the landscapes along the high speed rail line, which will be a fun experience.

1) Departure from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station to Huangshan North Railway Station:
Time:08:42 – 18:07
Earliest train: G1509; Duration: 2hrs, 26min; 2nd class seat: CNY 193(Recommended); 1st class seat: CNY 312; Business class seat: CNY 585
Latest train: G1906; Duration: 2hrs, 59min; 2nd class seat: CNY 169.5(Recommended); 1st class seat: CNY 272; Business class seat: N/A

2) Departure from Shanghai Railway Station to Huangshan North Railway Station:
Time:08:05 – 09:38.
Earliest train: G7317; Duration: 3hrs, 25min; 2nd class seat: CNY 206(Recommended); 1st class seat: CNY 330.5; Business class seat: CNY 620
Latest train: G1509; Duration: 3hrs, 08min; 2nd class seat: CNY 206(Recommended); 1st class seat: CNY 330.5; Business class seat: CNY 620

Please Note: Shanghai Hongqiao Airport (SHA) is close to Hongqiao Railway Station, so passengers arriving at this airport are recommended to go from Shanghai to Huangshan by train. The airport’s Terminal 2 is within 10 minutes’ walking distance from the railway station. Metro line 10 runs from Terminal 1 to Hongqiao Railway Station in 5-8 minutes.

3) There are some useful tips for your Huangshan tour to purchase train ticket:
Option1: G7317 Shanghai Station to Huangshan North Station: Depart at 08:05AM and arrive at 11:30AM.
Option 2: The above train will pass the Shanghai Hongqiao station as well, the departure time is: 08:42AM and arrive at 11:08AM at Huangshan North Station.

Please choose one of the above options according to your hotel location.

4) How to buy the train ticket
There are several ways to book train tickets in China, such as buy at ticket office once you at train station, book at China Railway’s official website, ask a travel agency or your hotel to help you to book, we highly recommend book the train tickets online on your own (www.trip.com), it’s very easy to operate and the credit card payment is accept. We suggest book the train ticket in advance in case they are sold out. We can help you to book train tickets as well, feel free to send you request via email. We will book the train ticket once we received the payment and delivery to your designated place.

Warm Tips for taking train
It’s very important to bring your passport along with you when you take train in China, it is required for collecting tickets and boarding the train. You should arrive at train station at 1 hour in advance before your departure time. Lots of stations in Chinastart to accept passengers with e-tickets only now. For those passengers, they can enter these railway stations and get onboard via the manual channels with their ID certificate used to buy the e-ticket, like passport. In this case, you can print out your e-ticket beforehand.

How to Travel From Shanghai to Huangshan by Private Vehicle
The driving distance between Shanghai to Huangshan is 394 km. It takes approximately 4h 3m to drive from Shanghai to Huangshan.

How to Travel From Shanghai to Huangshan by Flight
There is no direct flight between Shanghai and Huangshan currently, but you can choose connecting flights which will stop in Wenzhou or Jinan. The stopover time is determined by the different flights

How to travel Shanghai to Huangshan/Tunxi by Bus
Shanghai South Long-Distance Bus Station, next to Shanghai South Railway Station, has passenger bus service to Huangshan Scenic Area. It will cost you around CNY 145 per ticket.

1) The details for Shanghai Bus Station as below for your reference:

?Shanghai South Long-distance Bus Station
Address:666 Shilong Road, Xuhui District
Price: CNY135-155
Departure(Daily): 08:00, 10:30, 14:50

?Shanghai Long-Distance Bus Master Station
Address:1666 Zhongxing Road, Zhabei District
Price: CNY140
Departure(Daily): 18:40

2) How to buy bus ticket
Since buying tickets online for a bus in China has not yet become an option, you’re left with only two options. You can buy a ticket at the bus station or (maybe) have a proxy do it for you. China now runs on a “real-name ticket system.” This means that you have to have an official form of ID (your passport) in order to purchase bus tickets.

Warm Tip for Shanghai to Huangshan by bus
Passport or ID card is required when you take bus in China since it’s “real name ticket system”. Normally, you no need to book your bus ticket in advance since buses leave very frequently (you should book ahead during the Chinese holiday and peak travel periods).

How to travel from Shanghai Airport to Huangshan

By Train
Taking the high-speed train is an economical way from Shanghai airports to Huangshan. There are some high speed trains between Shanghai and Huangshan city now. If you arrive at Shanghai Pudong International airport (PVG), you take line 2 directly and get off at Shanghai Hongqiao Railway station and catch train there since most trains departs at Hongqiao Station; If you arrive at Hongqiao International Airport, you can metro line 10 from Terminal 1 to Hongqiao Railway Station within 8 minutes, or walk 15 minutes from Terminal 2 to the railway station since it’s close to the train station, and here take the high speed train.

By Private Vehicle
Enjoy a hassle-free visit to Suzhou with a convenient Shanghai airport pick up and transfer to Hangzhou downtown. Once you reach the exit of arrivals hall, your experienced and professional driver will be waiting to whisk you off in the utmost comfort and safety to your chosen city destination. With varies of vehicles available this transfer is ideal for small and large traveling groups alike. Simply sit back, relax and enjoy the luxury of this efficient door-to-door service.

How to travel from Shanghai to the most famous sites in Huangshan

How to travel from Shanghai to Mt.Huangshan
Option 1: Take high speed train from Shanghai to Huangshan, it takes around 2.5 hours. You can take tourist shuttle bus or take taxi from train station to Mt. Huangshan directly. We highly recommend you book a private transfer or book a tour package with local tour company in advance.

Option 2: Take from Shanghai to Huangshan Tunxi Airport, there is only one flight from Shanghai to Huangshan. It takes around 60 minutes and cost around 300RMB. You can take taxi from Tunxi airport to Yellow Mountain Scenic Area.

How to travel from Shanghai to to Hongchun Ancient Village
Take high speed train from Shanghai to Huangshan North Railway Station, it takes around 2.5 hours. Take an hourly bus from Huangshan North Railway Station available from 9:25am to 17:25pm to Hongcun Ancient Village. Or you can take taxi from train station to Hongcun Ancient Town once you arrive.

How to travel from Shangai to Xidi Ancient Village
Option 1: If you arrive Huangshan day before, you can take the bus from Huangshan Bus Station to Hongcun Ancient Village, which passes by Xidi, and visitors can be dropped off here. It runs once per hour from 8:00 to 16:00.

Option 2: Take high speed train from Shanghai to Huangshan North Railway Station, it takes around 2.5 hours. Take an hourly bus from Huangshan North Railway Station available from 9:25am to 17:25pm to Hongcun Ancient Village. The bus from Huangshan North Railway Station to Hongcun also passes by Xidi.

Warm Tips for taking taxi when you travel in Huangshan city by your own
Most of taxi drivers can’t speak English only Mandarin, show your designation in Chinese to the taxi driver or you can download the translator app in advance. The taxi is available make reservation online, you can download the app. Credit card and some western payment methods are not available, you should bring some cash along with you.

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