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Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal (Schedule for 2019-2020)

Post Date: 2019/03/04 10:21
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Cruise tour of the Yangtze River Basin has always been an important traditional tourism project in China, including the Huangpu River. Every year, a large number of foreign tourists from all over the world like to come to Shanghai, visit the Huangpu River and enjoy The Bund, and feel the charm of this magical city. Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal is definitely a good choice.

Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal,also known as the "Baoshan Cruise Terminal", located at Baoshan District in Shanghai. First constructed in 2007 and finished in 2010 in order to serve Shanghai Expo. It is a convergent point where the Huangpu River meets the Yangtze River, adjacent to the Eastern Sea. Therefore, it is a place where three streams joins. The port has corresponding land transportation, commerce and entertainment facilities. As the development, Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal has become the cruise tourism center and one of the most famous attractions in Shanghai. It also aim to become the biggest water based information operation in China.


Shanghai Wusongkou Cruise Port Schedule For 2019-2020
The following cruises will stop in Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal in 2019-2020: Sapphire Princess, Majestic Princess, Oceania Nautica, Oceania Insignia, Westerdam (Overnight), Celebrity Constellation, Celebrity Millennium, Silver Whisper, Silver Muse, Seabourn Sojourn, Norwegian Spirt, MSC Splendida.

             Wusongkou Cruise Port Schedule For 2019-2020

                                   ( Princess Cruise )

ArriveDepartPortCruise Ship
2019/1/5 18:002019/1/5 7:00Shanghai WusongkouSapphire Princess
2019/7/17 17:002019/7/21 7:00Shanghai WusongkouMajestic Princess
2019/7/21 17:002019/7/25 7:00Shanghai WusongkouMajestic Princess
2019/7/25 17:002019/7/29 7:00Shanghai WusongkouMajestic Princess
2019/7/29 17:002019/8/2 7:00Shanghai WusongkouMajestic Princess
2019/8/2 17:002019/8/6 7:00Shanghai WusongkouMajestic Princess
2019/8/6 17:002019/8/10 7:00Shanghai WusongkouMajestic Princess
2019/8/10 17:002019/8/14 7:00Shanghai WusongkouMajestic Princess
2019/8/14 17:002019/8/18 7:00Shanghai WusongkouMajestic Princess
2019/8/18 17:002019/8/26 7:00Shanghai WusongkouMajestic Princess
2019/8/26 6:002019/9/1 15:00Shanghai WusongkouMajestic Princess

               Wusongkou Cruise Port Schedule For 2019-2020 

                                   ( Oceania Cruise )

ArriveDepartPortCruise Ship
2019/3/21 16:002019/3/22 8:00Shanghai WusongkouOceania Nautica
2019/3/22 13:002019/3/23 23:00Shanghai WusongkouOceania Nautica
2019/4/9 15:002019/4/11 12:00Shanghai WusongkouOceania Insignia
2019/3/23 7:002019/3/25 11:00Shanghai WusongkouOceania Nautica
2019/4/19 9:002019/4/20 18:00Shanghai WusongkouOceania Nautica
2019/5/28 10:002019/5/29 15:00Shanghai WusongkouOceania Insignia

               Wusongkou Cruise Port Schedule For 2019-2020                                          (Holland America Cruise )

ArriveDepartPortCruise Ship
2019/2/17 8:002019/3/18 18:00Shanghai WusongkouWesterdam (Overnight)
2019/3/3 7:002019/3/4 18:00Shanghai WusongkouWesterdam (Overnight)
2019/2/15 8:002019/2/16 18:00Shanghai WusongkouWesterdam (Overnight)
2019/2/1 7:002019/3/1 18:00Shanghai WusongkouWesterdam (Overnight)

               Wusongkou Cruise Port Schedule For 2019-2020

                                   ( Celebrity Cruise )

ArriveDepartPortCruise Ship
2019/2/3 5:002019/2/3 17:00Shanghai WusongkouCelebrity Constellation
2019/3/30 7:002019/3/30 17:00Shanghai WusongkouCelebrity Millennium
2019/10/26 7:002019/10/26/ 17:00Shanghai WusongkouCelebrity Millennium
2019/11/30 6:002019/11/30 21:00Shanghai WusongkouCelebrity Millennium

               Wusongkou Cruise Port Schedule For 2019-2020 

                                   ( Silversea Cruise )

ArriveDepartPortCruise Ship
2019/3/6 12:002019/3/8 18:00Shanghai WusongkouSilver Whisper
2019/4/6 8:002019/4/8 11:00Shanghai WusongkouSilver Muse
2019/10/31 17:002019/11/1 18:00Shanghai WusongkouSilver Muse
2019/4/28 6:002019/4/29 18:00Shanghai WusongkouSilver Muse

               Wusongkou Cruise Port Schedule For 2019-2020  

                                  ( Seabourn Cruise )

ArriveDepartPortCruise Ship
2019/4/28/ 7:002019/4/28/ 17:00Shanghai CruiseSeabourn Sojourn

               Wusongkou Cruise Port Schedule For 2019-2020

                                      ( NCL Cruise )

ArriveDepartPortCruise Ship
2019/4/23 12:002019/4/24 16:00Shanghai WusongkouNorwegian Spirt

               Wusongkou Cruise Port Schedule For 2019-2020

                                      ( MSC Cruise )

DepartPortCruise Ship
2019/11/9 17:00Shanghai WusongkouMSC Splendida
2020/2/15 17:00Shanghai WusongkouMSC Splendida

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