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Water Town Around Shanghai

Jiangnan, as the name implies, means the south of the Yangtze River. In the concept of human geography, it refers to the south of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. As the Chinese say, "water town" generally refers to "Jiangnan Water Town".

Jiangnan in China refers to Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui, Jiangxi and the area south of the Yangtze River in Jiangsu. The main cities include Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Shaoxing, Suzhou, Yangzhou, Wuxi, etc. Because of the warm environment, rivers and lakes, Jiangnan has always been the richest land of fish and rice in China, forming a charm different from the "Jiangnan Water Town" in the north, which is reflected in life, culture, architecture, property and other aspects.

The water town around Shanghai, such as the Zhujiajiao Water Town, Zhouzhuang Water Town...are famous for their ancient buildings, bridges, canals, and ways of life that have not changed in centuries. They are idyllic destinations to unwind from the hustle and bustle of China's cities and can offer visitors glimpses into China's ancient past. Travel with us, you will have chance to visit the top water towns of China nearby Shanghai. 

There are two main reasons for visiting a Shanghai water town. First, life in these water towns seems to have stood still and visitors can still see the unique traditional folk cultures of Southeastern China. Second, water town can help you to understand more about China in the past, the most plain but true way of life of Chinese people...

Water Town Tours

The Secret Hidden Under the Modern City-Zhujiajiao Water Town Day Tour

Duration:6 hours

Attractions(Cities):Zhujiajiao Water Town

Tour Style:In the nearest corner of Shanghai, there is a town that is gradually forgotten, where they called "Zhujiajiao Water Town". Features lovely waterways, curved rock bridges, old streets cemented with stone, and over 10,000 buildings dating back to the Ming (1368-1644) and Qing dynasties (1644-1911). Book this tour from us, experience the charm of Jiangnan Water Town, real slow pace of life and enjoy local food...

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From $75 p/p
Zhouzhuang Water Town Day Tour From Shanghai


Attractions(Cities):Zhouzhuang's Twin Bridges, Zhouzhuang's Old Drama Stage, Shen House

Tour Style:Explore one of China`s most cherished water towns on this exciting day tour, a private tour for your family or your friends exclusively

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From $65 p/p
Tongli Water Town Day Tour from Shanghai

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Residentical House, Retreat and reflection, Taiping bridge

Tour Style:Explore one of China`s most cherished water towns on this exciting day tour from shanghai. Experience the exquisite lifestyle.

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From $65 p/p
One Day Xitang Water Town Tour from Shanghai

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Xitang Water Town

Tour Style:Explore one of six famous water towns in china, Xitang, to experience the old life style of China.

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From $69 p/p
Shanghai to Nanxun Water Town Day Tour

Duration:6-8 Hours

Attractions(Cities):Nanxun Water Town

Tour Style:Nanxun Water Town is a unique charm and less crowds water town nearby Shanghai. Mixture of Chinese antiquity and western architecture.

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From $89 p/p
One Day Shanghai to Wuzhen Old Water Town Tour

Duration:8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Wuzhen Ancient Water Town

Tour Style:Explore the picturesque water town of Wuzhen on a full-day guided tour from Shanghai. For original atmosphere, buildings and culture.

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From $79 p/p
Shanghai to Luzhi Water Town Day Tour

Duration:6-7 Hours

Attractions(Cities):Luzhi Water Town

Tour Style:A private Tour for you to explore the famous water towns in Shanghai, Luzhi with our tour guide to feel the picturesque of the town.

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From $69 p/p
Suzhou Day Tour with Extension to Tongli Town From Shanghai


Attractions(Cities):Master of Nets Garden, Pingjiang Road, Suzhou Silk Factory, Tongli

Tour Style:A private tour from Shanghai visiting the highlights in Suzhou city and take a slow boat ride in Tongli Town. It is worth every penny.

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From $70 p/p

Faq about Water Town Around Shanghai

1. What is the best way to do Wuzhen tour from Shanghai?

The best way to get to Wuzhen from Shanghai is by bus or book a private transfer service. Wuzhen is only 90 miles from Shanghai, but there's no direct train between Shanghai and Wuzhen. There are frequent buses for reaching Wuzhen directly.

2. What are the famous water towns near Shanghai?

Among a great many ancient water towns near Shanghai, travelers usually only choose one or two to visit, mainly based on their crowdedness, sightseeing features, air quality and levels of commercialization. Among local people, Zhujiajiao, Tongli, Zhouzhuang, Wuzhen and Xitang near Shanghai, are the most popular.

3. Is the Zhujiajiao Water Town worth visiting?

It is one of the most popular and closest water towns near Shanghai. Zhujiajiao Water Town is about 50 km away from Shanghai downtown. If your time is limited, it would be the best option to get a feel of such ancient towns. Similar to Venice in Italy, there are many well preserved bridges and boat ride is available.

4. Is available to do Suzhou city tour & Tongli Water Town from Shanghai in one day?

Yes, it’s available to both in one day no matter arrive in Suzhou by train or private transfer from shanghai directly. It takes around half an hour from Shanghai to Suzhou by high speed train and 2 hours by driving. You can book a private car with local driver and local tour guide. You will visit some famous spots in the city, such as Lingering Garden, Panmen Gate and Suzhou NO.1 silk Mill. And you can take time to relax in the laid-back atmosphere at Tongli Water Town.

5. When is the best time to visit Water Towns in China?

March to October is the best time to visit the water towns, for the weather is quite comfortable. Winter is also fine, for there are fewer tourists, the towns are less crowded and you can expect some tranquility. It’s great to escape the big city and see a little of the ancient architecture and local culture.

6. What to do in Zhujiajiao Water Town?

Zhujiajiao is one of six famous water towns nearest to Shanghai. If you plan to go to Zhujiajiao  on your own or book a Zhujiajiao Water Town Tour, you can walk along the North Street to visit the best preserved ancient street and some ancient building. Then, pay a visit to the Post Office which date back to Qing Dynasty and standing on the Fengsheng Bridge to take some good photos of Water Town. Have a small gondola crusie in the town, and are a nice way to get a view of the town from the water. 

7. I have a budget for my tour, do you provide some group tour to Water towns?

Yes, we provide water towns group in Shanghai to Zhujiajiao Water Town. It’s available on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. You will starts your tour at noontime around 12pm and back to your hotel 20:00pm. Please note the group tour in Shanghai is based on shop to visit.

8. Which water town is better if I travel from Shanghai? Tongli or Zhouzhuang?

Zhouzhuang and Tongli are similar to each other in nature. General speaking, Tongli water town is better than Zhouzhuang. You will get a more unique experience. It is a beautiful water town as depicted in classical Chinese movies. Here a canal ride is imperative n exhilarating in experience. Food is cheap and good too but there will be only small shops selling mainly Chinese handcrafts, paintings, silks, etc.

9. How long is the water town tour?

Normally, the day tour lasts around 7 hours. You will start your tour around 9am in the morning and finish your tour around 4:30pm. The tour is 100% flexible, we can arrange the tour according to your schedule.

10. Do you recommend stay one night at Wuzhen Water Town if we travel from Shanghai?

Wuzhen Water Town scenic is divided into 2 parts, east and west. East Part is more suitable for visit to get to know the local fold customs and culture. And west part more like Lijiang Ancient Town, it’s suitable for people spend the night time. There are a lot of hotels, bars, souvenir shops, etc.. If you have enough time, we recommend you stay one night at Wuzhen to admire the charming night view of this ancient town decorated with traditional Chinese red lanterns.

The follow tours may interest you!

Private Full-Day Tour: Incredible Shanghai Highlights

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Yuyuan Garden, The Bund, Nanjing Road, Jade Buddha Temple, Old French Concession

Tour Style:This Shanghai day tour is specially designed by Shanghai private tour for people who are tight on time.Flexible on the start and finish time,includs all the must-see highlights in Shanghai.

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From $62 p/p
One Day Shanghai Private Tour: Old Time Memory of Shanghai French Concession

Duration:6-8 Hour

Attractions(Cities):Old French Concession, Sinan Road, Tianzifang, Okura Garden Hotel

Tour Style:This tour will bring you to experience the old time memory of Shanghai old french concession, including the Old French Concession, Sinan Road, Tianzifang, Okura Garden Hotel with your knowledgeable english tour guide.

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From $51 p/p
Shanghai Night City Tour with Huangpu River Night Cruise

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Nanjing Road, The Bund, Night Boat Cruise on Huangpu River

Tour Style:Book this Shanghai Night City Tour with Huangpu River Night Cruise,you will have the chance to enjoy the amazing lights of Shanghai city and the amazing architecture at night.Experience an evening cruise on the Huangpu River and visit Lujiazui to marvel at Shanghai’s ever-expanding skylines.

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From $39 p/p
2 Days Shanghai Tour Package With Old and New Landmarks

Duration:2 Days 1 Night

Attractions(Cities):Shanghai Museum, Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar, Tianzifang, Jade Buddha Temple, Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC), Nanjing Road, The Bund, Boat cruise on the Huangpu river

Tour Style:This Shanghai Classic Two Days City Tour will show you an amazing Shanghai by visiting Shanghai Museum, Yuyuan Garden&Old Market, the Bund to learn the city's history and culture.Besides, you will also go to Nanjing Road to experience the city's prosperity, to watch the panoramic view of the whole city etc. The tour is composed of half the impression of old Shanghai during 1920s to 1940s and half the new image of flourishing metropolis Shanghai today.

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From $119 p/p
Shanghai City Highlights with Ancient Zhujiajiao Water Town Day Tour

Duration:7-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):Zhujiajiao Ancient Water Town, The Bund, Yuyuan Garden&Bazaar

Tour Style:Zhujiajiao is a well-known ancient water town with a history of more than 1,700 years and featured with rivers criss-crossing the village and hundreds of ancient buildings stand at the banks. This is a perfect tour that get away from Shanghai and see something cool.Enjoy the beautiful views around the Huangpu rivers and pay a visit to the Yuyuan Garden at the end.

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From $80 p/p
One Day Shanghai Contemporary Art Tour

Duration:6-8 hours

Attractions(Cities):M50 Moganshan Road art zone,Tianzifang,1933 Shanghai,Duolun Road,Shanghai Art Museum

Tour Style:To experience modern art in shanghai with a good mood by this one day shanghai art tour, with our best english tour guide and private car

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From $46 p/p
All Inclusive Shanghai Private Tour with River Cruise, Shanghai Tower, and Lunch

Duration:6-8 Hours

Attractions(Cities):Yuyuan Garden & Bazaar, Shanghai Tower, Boat Cruise On The Huangpu River

Tour Style:Settle inside a private, air-conditioned vehicle and tailor the itinerary around your interests and guide’s recommendations. Explore the Yuyuan Bazaar, admire bird’s-eye views from the Shanghai Tower, take a River Huangpu cruise...

View Details
From $83 p/p

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